Exhibit Opening
10:00 May 6, 2020 to 17:00 June 28, 2020
A Great Frontier Odyssey: Sketching the American West: After the opening of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, the public clamored for images of the newly accessible American West. The Harper Brother’s publishing firm in New York sought to capitalize on this, and chose Jules Tavernier and Paul Frenzeny to provide images of the frontier. The intrepid men were skilled at depicting newsworthy places or events that favored the plight of the common man. Coupled with their artistic and journalistic talent and keen powers of observation, they were a powerful team; Tavernier created each engraving’s watercolor painting before handing it off to Frenzeny, who added newsworthy details and drew the scene in pencil on wood blocks. A traveling exhibit from Exhibit Envoy. May 6-June 28 10:00am-5:00pm http://www.museumonmain.org/exhibits.html


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